EXOCET boards and XO sails were on the podium at the first French event of the year (AFF) in Ile Rousse (Corsica)

The AFF 2011 season has already started with the first event being held in Corsica at 'Ile Rousse'. After 2 days of no wind on the 'Beauty Island', the event organiser finally decided to kick of with the wave sailing competition.

In the gusty wind and tough wave conditions, MATHIEU BONNO a new comer to the EXOCET/XO SAILS team imposed his skill in a rather difficult heat ladder.

To take his first victory, he had to beat the 2010 French champion Julien QUENTEL in the quarter final, and then his high flying EXOCET/XO SAILS team mate Jules Denel in the semi final. In the final, Mathieu was up against Antoine Questel, who was himself competing on an EXOCET X-Wave 91 2011.

Mathieu sailed all of his heats using his EXOCET U-SURF Tri fin 84 & U-SURF Tri fin 76 boards with his XO SAILS SHARK 5.3 & SKULL 4.7 rigs.

These combinations allowed him to enjoy effortless wave riding all day long in those rough onshore conditions, and he also managed to land all his attempted jumps perfectly.

These excellent results demonstrated that the Exocet boards, tri fin or single fin, are potent 'podium topping' wave boards that can be ridden comfortably in all conditions.

The entire EXOCET/XO SAILS crew offers thanks and congratulations to Mathieu, plus Jules (sailing with a torn knee!) and all the other member of the team for their efforts to put the Exocet & XO brands up on the podium.

We are now waiting for our slalom team riders to emulate this success in the forthcoming slalom events, using their EXOCET RS boards & XO SAILS GOLD rigs.

We wish you all good wind and a fun ride.

Event photo gallery AFF ILE ROUSSE 2011 :