RS D2 wins the open class in the 2012 Texas State
Windsurfing Championship (Dallas, Texas)

The 2011 races were run in very light wind (less than 9 knots) and my 110 liter slalom board with a 9.9 did not work. During the past few years, Ken Merten (from Dallas) has been flat out winning all of the light wind races with a superlight setup and was unbeatable. Well, this year I came prepared. For this year’s races, I upgraded my quiver with 2012 Exocet RS D2 and specially tuned 9.9 NX and 10.8 NX for long board use. This is my first longboard since 1998, when I was riding the equipe 2.

On Saturday morning, the forecast was down-graded to 10-15 MPH. By the time the skipper meeting was held the wind dropped to 5-8 mph. I was nervous at first, as I only ridden the RS D2 only twice in non-race condition and never with a 10.8. The course was layed out with a classic straight upwind and straight downwind leg with a final reaching leg for Saturday, while on Sunday they decide to do short reaching legs.

The first heat, I finished second as I “turtled completely” the board going upwind and fell 3 times going downwind. The other 5 heats, I finished with all bullets (even with a few mistakes). The 10.8 NX with RS D2 combination has amazing upwind and reaching speed.

This setup is like driving a ¾ ton long bed crew cab truck with a twin turbocharged diesel motor, once you get the board on a course, it HAULS ASS. The longer the course, the more this setup pulls away from the rest of the fleet. I ended up with a first place in the open division as a result of this setup. This event is getting better every year and is very well ran, even Kevin Pritchard showed up to it. I know I will be back next year.