On Sunday, October 28th 2012, the Slovene Freestyle Championship was held in Ližnjan, Croatia. There was a forecast of 40 to 55 knots for that day, along with a bone-chilling cold typical for a bora.

The competing surfers gathered for the skipper's meeting at 10:00, with the first heat scheduled at 12:00. The conditions were savage; some of the registered competitors never arrived at the event, while others lost hope after just one look at the sea, without even getting wet.

Luckily, I had packed my XO Fusion 3.5, which gave me an advantage against other competitors, but even this small sail was too large for some of the stronger gusts!

Soon, it was time for the first heat. The strategy I chose was to stick to my best tricks. I had no serious problems in my first and second heats. The wind conditions were even more brutal on the water – if you weren't careful, the wind would pick you up and take you with it! Along with the wind came the bitter cold and we all spent the time between heats trembling on shore.

It was soon time for the final heat, in which I faced fellow windsurfer Jurij Černec. I was determined to pull more tricks than in the previous heats, which required a huge effort. After 7 minutes, it became clear that experience is what counts, and after a short discussion among the judges, the winner was announced. I was happy and proud to have successfully defended the title of Slovenian Freestyle Champion, which I've held for three years(two consecutive).

I thank everyone for their support.
Žan Šude, SLO89