Since the end of June I´ve sailed with the new skull model in 4.7 and 5.3 sizes.

First at all, I have to say that they look amazing. Not only for the colors combo, if not also for the sensation that you are sailing with something different to the rest. For me the new Skull is nice and special. I´m not a pro windsurfer, only a obsessed average one with more than twenty years in the search of wind.

For this reason I prefer to talk mainly about my feelings on the sail more that technical overtones. I´ve tested the sail in a variety of conditions: Flat water freestyle, side on wave sailing in Mediterranean mushy waves and finally, in good down the line sessions with a medium Atlantic swell. The sail feels extremely light, I don´t know if it is really a lightweight sail or it´s more a sensation, but certainly the new skull has a fast and agile behavior in every moment. Moreover, you can depower it almost only thinking about it. This is a big advantage for freestyle tricks, air movements and surfing, specially in side off wind conditions.

I think that It´s not a power sail, although more than skull old versions (I tried the 2010 model). But because of its lightness, and with a few changes in your rig trims, you can get planning early equally. I´m burning with desire to check it in the firsts autumn storms.