Exocet RS Speed :
The RS Speed is one of those boards that you look at and it looks right. 50cm wide 235 long it’s right in the slot between high wind slalom and the tiny speed boards. What is nice about this board is how useable and competitive it is across a range of high wind conditions.

High wind rough water GPS sailing :
In high wind rough water Exocet RS SPEED is ultra steady on the rough water and willing to run deep down wind in rough water without catching or sucking down in the chop at all. Fast and free, but also I find it very predictable in behaviour allowing me confidence to push my personal limits in my local high wind sailing spot. This is a very prized quality in a speed board. Especially as this board’s longer rocker allows the use of larger sails, I would have no issue getting it running on 7.0m rigs on medium breeze days.

Speed sailing conditions :
Top of the run first thing is the board is steady at take off, the volume distribution is very balanced and is perfect for a steady take off with an overpowered rig. Finding your foot straps are super easy taking a lot of stress out of the getting going and getting up to speed. From here the board takes off like a bullet down the run staying very controlled in the running chop at over 40knots it just holds its line very predictably I used a MXR UFO 24 10% in the board and this is a fantastic combination of board and fin. I felt very connected and steady across the water on this board it feels very easy and efficient even very deep down wind it stays in full control.

The Exocet RS SPEED is a board that has a magic rocker line that is not pushing water. This board just works, it is easy to use, and it is fantastic speed board/high wind rough water GPS board as well.

Thanks to Remi from the Windsurfing Shed for recommending and selling his RS SPEED board to me, hope you get a new one ;)