With 31 countries represented including Japan, Chili, South Africa and even USA, the Défi Wind clearly took an international flair this year.
Over a third of the 805 competitors came from foreign countries. The main target of the Défi Wind is to mix pros and amateur with distinction

The Tramontane wind has blown 3 days during the event

Day 1 : Shifty winds, and gusting up to 40 knots, here is the program of the day

Race 1 :
A first race quickly launched in an increasing wind did surprised lot of sailors, Patrice Belbéoc'h got catapulted in the last third of the first leg, still he managed round buoy 1 in second position behind the Surprising Sébastien Allaire, not having the right set up in this first race with a second crash he still managed to close the finish line in second. This race was really hard for most rider with no less 300 sailors giving up in the race, Cédric Belbéoc'h at age 16 managed to take a promissing 33rd place, the remaining Exocet team was back in this very difficult race
Race # 1 results

  1. Sébastien Bonhomme Allaire
  2. Andréa Cucchi
  3. Patrice Belbéoc'h (EXOCET/XO SAILS)
  4. Tine Slabe
  5. Nicolas Warrembourg

Race 2 :
Bad start for Patrice Belbéoc'h jibing in 10 position at the first jibing mark, he manage to cash the whole fleet going under to cross the line in second position
With his XO Gold 6.3 and the new EXOCET RS2 2014, the Breton found back the speed of his twenties to over take on the finish line Nicolas Warembourg whom did not see him coming.
Race # 2 results

  1. Andréa Cucchi
  2. Patrice Belbéoc'h (EXOCET/XO SAILS)
  3. Nicolas Warrembourg
  4. Sébastien Bonhomme Allaire
  5. Tristan Algre

Day 2 :

Race 3 :
Patrice Belbeoc'h was called the quickest of the fleet by all the competitors.
Saturday, he did not fail his reputation by nailing race N°3 of this Défi Wind 2013. he took off like a missile, leading the race from the beggining, after a "mano a mano" with Anders bringdal during the first leg, Anders had to stop to lowers his boom in heavy condition certainly due to wrong set up while he just arrived at the event spot, Patrice finished the race with 1 minute and 15 seconds to second spot of the day taken by Nicolas Warembourg. For Nicolas, the race turned out on the physical aspect because the whole fleet was totally over powered shortly after the start, while everyone was on the water, in fact the wind speed increased to reach over 40 knots. 6.3 sail sizes became way to big for most of the top riders while amateurs sailors were forced to abandon even using sail size 4.7
Race # 3 results

  1. Patrice Belbéoc'h (EXOCET/XO SAILS)
  2. Nicolas Warrembourg
  3. Sébastien Bonhomme Allaire
  4. Cyril Michel
  5. Anders Bringdal

Race 4 :
With wind remaining very strong, most sailors took off with 5.8 or smaller, Patrice Belbéoc'h catapulted before the start because of a floating rope in the water resulting breaking his harness line and had to call it off in that race, in the race the battle between Anders Bringdal and Andréa Cucchi was intense and saw Anders showing his legendary speed
After this last race of Day 2 the ranking between the top 4 sailors is really tight, it will be all to the last day tomorrow
Race # 4 results

  1. Anders Bringdal
  2. Andrea Cucchi
  3. Nicolas Warrembourg
  4. Gérald Pelleau
  5. Sébastien Bonhomme Allaire

Day 3 :

Race 5 :
The perfect scenario for an amazing race 5 with the arrival of 3 top PWA rider arriving directly from Koréa, with Cédric Bordes, Pierre Mortefon and Pascal Toselli, the battle was going to be tough, Pascal Toselli was clearly the favorite for that race 5 but it was without counting on Patrice Belbéoc'h that left everyone behind ending up in first position with a big margin even though he had to double tack to cross the finish line
With this amazing last race of 35 km sailed in a still strong Tramontane wind, gusting to 35 knots, Patrice Belbeoc'h win the 13th Défi Wind in Gruissan in front Andrea Cucchi and Sébastien Bonhomme allaire
Race # 5 results

  1. Patrice Belbéoc'h (EXOCET/XO SAILS)
  2. Sébastien Bonhomme Allaire
  3. Gérald Pelleau
  4. Andréa Cucchi
  5. Nicolas Warrembourg

In the top 10, we find also Damien Leguen and Valentin Brault of the Exocet team finishing respectively in 9th & 10th position. And also, we can point out the performance of the new generation stand by Cédric Belbeoc'h in the youth categories, behind Justin Denel and Julien Bru. This Defi Wind 2013 was without a doubt on of the best if the not the best of the Defi Wind. An amazing organisation and amazing competitors of all ages sharing the same passion. The event came to an end the best way possible and with many spectator packed on the beach to celebrate the winner of an edition of the defi wind that will stays in many memories

Overall ranking Défi Wind 2013 after 5 races (805 competitors) :

  1. Patrice Belbeoch (EXOCET-XO SAILS)
  2. Andrea Cucchi
  3. Sebastien Bonhomme Allaire
  4. Nicolas Warembourg
  5. Gerald Pelleau
  6. Tine Slabe
  7. Bieuzy Mauffret
  8. Gautier Bourgeois
  9. Damien Le Guen (EXOCET- XO SAILS)
  10. Valentin Brault (EXOCET-XO SAILS)