The Brittany originated company Exocet increase his investment in Stand UP Paddle and proposes, from now on, a complete range of flat water and waveriding boards. The "Fish" line is a dedicated wave riding board for small to medium waves. The 8'11 comes in two different width, 30' and 32' and available in either carbon, bamboo, wood or AST constructions. We tested the Fish 8'11x30 bamboo version. An interesting alliance of accessibility and versatility. Stable and easy to handle while rowing for a 80 kilos person, the Fish goes over white waters comfortably and catches waves effortless preventing falling down at any time without being an expert. Even though it is only 8'11, the rowing is efficient enough to catch waves. While surfing, the Fish easily picks up speed thanks to its width, the thin rails cut thru water with ease with some very good turning ability making all kind tricks and turns possible. Of course, we can find logical limits for this board when the waves become bigger and more hollow, but it remains a good compromise, far from being inaccessible for confirmed SUPers and small to medium surfing conditions that we encounter the most. The only down part is the back part of the pad slightly too long and too forward.

By: SUP mag