He's well known for his results and being very involved in Formula Windsurfing , Top 10 of World's ranking in 2012, winning two European Formula Windsurfing Cup in a row, the young 23 years old from La Rochelle(France) already in the Exocet/XO Sails' national team since last year, becomes  internationnal rider in Patrice Belbeoch( Exocet / XO Sails ) Team. He will ride now with Damien Le Guen and be the spearheads of the breton's brand in Slalom and Formula Windsurfing.

Valentin Brault :
" I 'm really happy to join the International Team. First of all, it is a big recognition of the efforts made since many years. Patrice Belbeoch had already integrated me in the development of the equipment last year , I learned a lot with him.
As I am very involved on the Formula Windsurfing tour, we managed to motivate him to design a new board and also new Formula sails... After many months on research and development, we got what we wanted. With my experience in sails' making, we were able to work and modify at home, it allowed us to save time and we have tested many options.
So, I 'll race with this new equipment, it’s a really great challenge. The goal is a place into the world's top 8 and why not a podium on the European Championship. I will also racing in slalom in the AFF French Tour, IFCA International's events and some PWA World Cup. "