DEFI WIND GRUISSAN 2014 — 3 & 5 ‰

Exocet's Team: Patrice Belbeoch &
Valentin Brault in the top 5 of the already mytical Défi Wind 2014!

This édition 2014 is a real succes: 1000 competitors, 4 days of racing, 6 races in a consistant Tramontane and two great places in the top 5 for our 2 riders of Exocet/XO Sails' Team! Patrice Belbeoch wins 2 races and finally finished 3rd after some big fights with Andrea Cucchi, the winner and Nicolas Warembourg the second. The three men are very closed to each others in less than 6 points!!. Valentin Brault takes the 5th place, a very good performance. He has always been consistant and always closed to the leaders: He finished 5 racess in the top 10. For sure, he will be the man to beat in the next years!

Valentin :
" It was a big surprise for me, I never thought to get this result. I felt good and relaxed since the beginning of the event, it helped me a lot! It's very closed between the 3rd and the 8th position, all the ranking has been decided on the last race, we all had a chance to get on the podium, I managed to keep the 5th place I get the day before. I was very fast but I think I didn't take the best trajectories on most of the races, and that is primordial in Gruissan!
Patrice impressed me a lot, without any doubt he was the faster but some mistakes cost him a lot of points, especially when in missed the mark in the first race. And he's still very fit for his 48 years old! If he prepares well for 2015, he could fell our spirit...
I used the following combo: XO Sails GOLD 7.0/Exocet RS3, GOLD 6.3/EXO RS3, GOLD 6.3/ EXO RS2 et GOLD 5.7/EXO RS2 . Every combo I used worked very well, I'm very happy of that!! I'be back next year, the dates are already written in my 2015'diary ! "

Spot: Gruissan, France
Dates: may 29th — june 1st, 2014

Thanks to Le DEFI, Windmag, Jean Souville, Bernard Biancotto, Nico Graziano,
JM Cornu et Annie Fouarge(AA-Les Fanas du Windsurf) for the pictures.