" I went to St. Barth for ten days to participate in the SaintBarth FunCup that took place from january 29 - february 1st 2015.

That was an exciting „first time“ for me who has never been on a plane, never seen the Caribbeans, never surfed in warm waters and on top in a bathing suit! I arrived 6 days prior to the start of the competition so I could train and also enjoy the sun and the waves.

The training conditions were very « light » so I used only my big equipment : 7.8 ; RS 5.5. Unfortunately there was no wind the first two days of the competitions so no racing could be done. But on sunday finally the wind arrived.

I used my Xo 6.3 and RS 3, rather heavy and technical conditions combined with a rough sea. For this race I didnt have a goal for the ranking, because I wanted to get settled with my material during the week and also have maximum fun. I reached my goal 200%... it really was an incredible experience and a great training for the season to come. My season starts on the 4th of april with the first AFF event of this year in Marignane! My goal is to get into the top 5 this year.

The the first big, big step is the DEFIWIND which is impatiently awaited and will be a premiere for me who so far has not been participating in this mythical challenge. "

We wish you good luck, Lucie !