TEST OF X.O SAILS SHARK 4.0 & 4.5 — 2014

I started with the 4.0 and the 17th as it was gusting over 40 knots. Very easy to rig, I put the recommended tension on downhaul (rigged on 370 XO mast RDM 80%), put 2cm extra at the outhaul (probably because I sail with a high boom) on the upper position.

The sail looks great and very well made, and has a light feeling to it.

In the water, it delivers a very decent amount of power, and incredibly stable profile. I am very pleased with the way it handles the big gusts, and it is easy to control in jumps. It is also good on the wave, where I it was really easy to depower to surf. There was quite a few monster waves on this day (thanks to PAM), and I got properly trashed a couple times. The all rig stayed perfectly intact, so I feel confident that it is very solid!

The next day, slightly less wind so I went out with the 4.5, and it had very similar feel. Downhaul tension as recommended and +2cm at the outhaul as well ((rigged on 400 XO mast RDM 80%). It is definitely a great onshore sail, with loads of power and an incredibly stable profile for a wave sail. I tried the lower position for outhaul when wind picked up a bit, but I came back to the upper one, as the sail felt more balanced this way. I am impressed how easy it has been to get the sail trimmed properly, as I always with my old sails had to try different outhaul/downhaul combination to get a sail to a state where I was satisfied. For this sail, it’s been bang on right away. It feels light yet powerful, as it should.

It is definitly on of the best sails I've sailed with!