The board just arrived ! For this first test, Cedric and Romain tried the board in Bump & jump condition equiped with 26 cm single fin and XO shark 5.3, they give us their first impression
Wind 18 to 23 Knots

Romain Lhuillier, 1.75 m for 68kg
Out of the bag the board is impressive by its length and volume out of scale for a wave board. I was quite sceptical before the try, i was then impressed how easy and comfortable the board is. The most disturbing is how easy it was in the turns for a board of that size considering my light weight, quick planning of course, jibes and changing direction are instant, no need to give extra pressure on the back foot to make it turn, the board engage in the curve by itself.
Now to be tested in tri-fin mode with real waves and light wind for me, but base on this first test, it is really a must board to be tried, if I am not mistaken, I think i will be able to wave ride in the lightest wind condition I would have never thought it was possible

Cedric Belbeoch, 1.92 m for 78kg
I was looking forward to test that board, I love fairly long boards in the waves with fairly straight outline. Straight away the floatation is there, the board pop instantly on the plane, really directional this board is really fast. I really like the comfort of the deck and shock absorber but the most surprising is the grip the board has in the turns, it engage alone and you can really push it, it is quite disturbing at first knowing the board is 129 liters, at first i was holding back but then I saw it could take a lot more than i thought. Really top class, can't wait for the wave session now