With Great reviews in the press and online mag's, the RS range is the flag ship of Exocet...Patrice Belbeoc'h give an inside view of these unique slalom boards

In slalom, my focus is to have easy boards to ride. I like efficient boards rather than boards that gives high sensation knowing that an efficient and easy boards gives really high end performance. The new RS boards have been updated with a rework on bottom and adding several recess, we gave the board range some more horse power and performance keeping in mind that they must remain easy to ride in all conditions

The RS2, 3 and 4 are now available, The RS6 and 2 new boards will complete the range in a near future, the RS1 and RS5. The RS8 is an unusual board by it's size with 210 liters that suits windsurfer looking for high performance in light wind without stepping up on a Formula board. The RS1 has a longer life cycle in our range because it take's quite some time on the water for the R&D for a board that is meant to be used in heavy weather, The RS5 will be in line with the work done on the RS6 and will come in betwen the RS4 and RS6 with a volume of 125 liter